Therapeutic Applications

Nevermind is developed to help players become more mindful of their feelings of stress and anxiety levels and help them practice managing those feelings of fear and stress. Both the original student version and the currently available versionof Nevermind are only to be used for entertainment and overall wellness purposes.

With that said, another exciting facet of Nevermind is its potential to serve as a full-fledged therapeutic tool for those who suffer from issues—mild or severe—relating to feelings of stress, anxiety, PTSD, or other similar conditions. Although informal testing results have been promising thus far, we are excited to currently be in discussion with researchers and behavioral health experts who are eager to explore Nevermind‘s potential impact via rigorous clinical trials.

Dedicated to creating “games that give back,” one of Flying Mollusk’s long-term goals is to craft a health-centric version of Nevermind specifically targeted to help actual patients develop tools to manage and ultimately overcome their conditions.