Get the Game!

Nevermind is now available for Mac,  Windows, and HTC Vive through Steam or the Humble Store and for Oculus Rift through Oculus Home

A non-biofeedback version of Nevermind can be found, in some regions, on Xbox One.


Windows, Mac,
HTC Vive, & Oculus Rift

You can buy the game for Winows, Mac, Vive, and Oculus Rift via this website on either the Steam or the Humble Bundle store.


Oculus Rift

Nevermind can be purchased for Oculus Rift directly from Oculus Home via the link below.

Xbox One

Nevermind is available for Xbox One in several regions!
Note: The Xbox One version of Nevermind does NOT include biofeedback functionality.


Nevermind is fully playable without any biofeedback equipment. If you do wish to play it with a sensor, please visit our Sensors and Tech pages for an up-to-date (and always growing) list of devices we support.