Nevermind is – at its core – an adventure game (in the spirit of classic games like Myst), where you must explore strange worlds and solve puzzles to unlock the terrifying mystery that lurks within each patient’s inner psyche.

In Nevermind, you are a Neuroprober – a unique physician who, through the use of cutting-edge technology, is able to venture into the minds of psychological trauma patients for whom traditional treatment methods have proven ineffective.

As such, each “level” in Nevermind takes place within the surreal subconscious of one of these victims. Your goal is to explore the often dark and twisted world within, solving abstract puzzles as you recover fragments of memories (represented by photographs) surrounding the traumatic event.

Traumatic experiences, especially those left untreated, take their toll in countless ways, often triggering other serious problems as the victim’s subconscious desperately tries to cope. As a result, the patient’s mind doesn’t take kindly to those who attempt to peel back these layers, often prompting it to lash out in terrifying, unexpected ways.

Only the most vigilant of Neuroprobers can survive the horrors of the mind to help their patient find peace at last.

Can you?