Virtual Reality

The virtual reality adaptation of Nevermind is available for the Oculus Rift through Oculus Home and for both HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift through Steam.

The Virtual Reality Edition—A Whole New Experience

The Virtual Reality edition of Nevermind is an “adaptation” of the Win/Mac version of the game originally released in 2015. Our philosophy is that, though it clearly borrows from traditional “flatscreen” gaming, virtual reality truly is a different medium all its own. There are certain elements (like user interfaces) that work one way on a traditional screen that need to work differently in the fully-immersive, stereoscopic world of VR. To this end, the Flying Mollusk team has taken a focused approach to bringing Nevermind to VR. This is not a simple “port” to a new platform. As we always do, we’ve looked at the VR adaptation with the player in mind, focusing on comfort, ease of interaction, and immersion and have made subtle changes intended to leverage VR’s unique strengths rather than work against them.


Biofeedback and VR

Nevermind is the first mainstream commercially available biofeedback-enhanced virtual reality experience. For a list of biofeedback technology that is compatible with the Virtual Reality edition of Nevermind, please refer to the chart below. This chart will be updated as more VR Biofeedback technologies become available.

Biofeedback Tech and VR Cross-Compatibility

Oculus Rift HTC Vive Windows 8.1
and up
Mac Physiological
(Heart Rate)
(Standard Webcam)
No Sensors or
Additional Hardware
Standard Webcam
(Affectiva Affdex Technology)
Intel® RealSense™ Technology
Tobii EyeX
Apple Watch
Wild Divine IomPE
Garmin Heart Rate
Chest Strap
Polar H7 Heart Rate
Chest Strap
Mio Link 56P