Nevermind Support for Apple Watch

Nevermind supports the Apple Watch on all currently available platforms—including Mac and Windows (both the “Flat Screen” version and the virtual reality adaptation).

To use the Apple Watch as a sensor:

  • Download the iPhone Nevermind Companion App
    IMPORTANT: As with all Apple Watch apps, an iPhone 5 or later is required.
  • Make sure that the Apple Watch app installs alongside it. You may need to go into “Watch” app on your phone to ensure that it has permission to install to your watch.
  • Ensure that the iPhone Nevermind Companion App and the machine upon which Nevermind is running are both on the same network.
  • Launch the app from your phone. Make sure to enable Read Heart Rate data when it asks.
  • Open up the app on the Watch (if it didn’t open automatically).
  • Give the Watch app a few moments to start reading your heart rate. You should see it update on the phone shortly thereafter.
  • Launch Nevermind from your Mac or Windows machine.

Within the Game:

Once the Apple Watch connects to Nevermind, you may need to navigate to the Options screen and switch to [Companion] from [Affdex]. Affdex Enhance can be turned on or off, however, turning it on may result in a more responsive and accurate feeling biofeedback experience.

For more information about combining Physiological Biofeedback and Emotional Biofeedback, please see

When you are done playing:

Press “Stop” on either the iPhone or Watch app and close the iPhone app completely. If you don’t press “Stop,” the Watch app will keep reading your heart rate in the background and, before you know it, drain your watch’s battery power. Closing out the iPhone app will ensure that it can properly reconnect with the game next time you use it.

As with any of our supported sensors, if you have any questions or run into any issues, please email us at!