Now Supporting Apple Watch

At long last, Nevermind now supports Apple Watch on all currently available platforms—including Mac and Windows (VR & “Flat Screen”).

Steam Update to Nevermind (Upgrades)

An update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update adds new upgrades to Nevermind.

Tobii EyeX technology integration in Nevermind

The Nevermind team and I are very excited to announce our brand new integration of eye-tracking technology in Nevermind. We’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to integrate the Tobii EyeX eye tracking controller into Nevermind, creating new features and unique moments that we never thought possible.

Affectiva’s Affdex Integration in Nevermind

Starting today, virtually anyone can have access to Nevermind’s biofeedback features without a separate heart rate sensor. Affectiva’s Affdex technology enables players to experience emotion-based biofeedback in Nevermind on a min-spec (or higher) Windows or Mac machine with almost any standard webcam!

March 1, 2016 Nevermind Announcements

It is my incredible pleasure to announce some exciting new updates in terms of how Nevermind creates a one-of-a-kind dynamic and immersive experience for its players.