Xbox One Patch

A patch for the Xbox One version of Nevermind has been released. This patch contains several miscellaneous bug fixes.

Our apologies for the large update size – sadly, it does not mean that there is new content this time around.

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please visit our Support Page or let us know at!

Nevermind on Xbox One!

We are very excited to formally announce that Nevermind will be available on the Xbox One on January 11, 2017! Enjoy the adventure/thriller/puzzle gameplay experience of Nevermind on console!
With that, we also wanted to share a few important notes about the Xbox One edition about Nevermind.

The Xbox One version of Nevermind does NOT contain any biofeedback functionality

We tried extremely hard to bring biofeedback to the Xbox One but, ultimately, there were several obstacles beyond our control that resulted in us being unable to do so for Nevermind.

With that being said, biofeedback-based gaming on Xbox One is technically feasible and, while we can make no promises, we do hope to be able to have the opportunity to continue to explore the possibility for Nevermind and other games in the future.

Region Availability

Due to ratings restrictions, Nevermind is currently available only in the following regions on Xbox One: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, and Russia.

While we’re disappointed that we were unable to bring biofeedback to console this time around and that the Xbox One version isn’t available to everyone in all regions, we hope that those who do try Nevermind on Xbox One enjoy the psychological thriller mystery that is the Nevermind experience at its core!


Major Steam Update to Nevermind (VR Support and New Levels)

A major update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update adds VR Support, two new levels and other upgrades to Nevermind.

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Tobii EyeX technology integration in Nevermind

The Nevermind team and I are very excited to announce our brand new integration of eye-tracking technology in Nevermind. We’re fortunate to have had the opportunity to integrate the Tobii EyeX eye tracking controller into Nevermind, creating new features and unique moments that we never thought possible. Read more

Affectiva’s Affdex Integration in Nevermind

Starting today, virtually anyone can have access to Nevermind’s biofeedback features without a separate heart rate sensor. Affectiva’s Affdex technology enables players to experience emotion-based biofeedback in Nevermind on a min-spec (or higher) Windows or Mac machine with almost any standard webcam! Read more

March 1, 2016 Nevermind Announcements

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Major Steam Update to Nevermind (New Features)

A major update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update adds new features to Nevermind.

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Nevermind Update Posted to Steam (Major Bug Fix)

An update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update patches a  major bug in Nevermind.

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