Nevermind Now Available on Oculus Rift!

Here at Flying Mollusk, we are constantly in awe of all the amazing new technologies that are becoming accessible to players and developers every day, not the least of which is virtual reality. We’ve had a vision to bring Nevermind to VR from the very beginning and, as such, are so honored and excited to announce that Nevermind is now available for Oculus Rift TODAY!

Buy it now from the Oculus Store here.


For more information on the VR adaptation of Nevermind, please visit:

Additionally, we are thrilled to share that two new levels will be making their debut in the brand new Oculus Rift version of Nevermind! Client #440 and #909 are now available and waiting for Neuroprobing! Also, if you wish to learn any more about the struggles associated with these or the previous Clients, we have added a new section to the website called “Game to Real World.

The VR adaptation of Nevermind is biofeedback-enabled and can be played with the majority of our currently supported heart rate sensorsincluding the newly supported Apple Watch! For a list of Nevermind’s VR compatible sensors, please visit:

For details on Apple Watch support, please visit our recent blog post about Apple Watch compatibility.