Steam Update to Nevermind (Upgrades)

An update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update adds new upgrades to Nevermind.

Full Build Notes can always be read on our Support Page under Build Notes and many more details on this Steam update can be found there. Key improvements included in this build are:

  • Upgrade: Unity Engine UpdateWe’ve recently updated the version of the Unity engine that Nevermind uses. With this comes miscellaneous improvements to performance, visual quality, etc.
    You may notice that some parts of Nevermind might look a bit different as a result. Due to the engine upgrade, Nevermind may run more smoothly on some machines, while it may hitch a bit more on others. If you notice decreased performance, please consider lowering the resolution settings under Options->Graphics.

    We will be spending the coming weeks continuing to work on optimization and plan to have the game running even better than ever.

  • Upgrade: Miscellaneous Improvements
    We’ve recently made an assortment of tweaks and improvements here and there.