Major Steam Update to Nevermind (New Features)

A major update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update adds new features to Nevermind.

Full Build Notes can always be read on our Support Page under Build Notes and many more details on this major update can be found there. Key improvements included in this build are:

  • New Feature: “Heart Rate Sensor-less” Emotion-Based Biofeedback
    Powered by Affectiva’s Affdex technology, Nevermind can now pick up on emotion-based biofeedback via almost any standard webcam on a min-spec (or higher) Windows or Mac machine. This new technology works a little differently than the way heart rate sensors do in Nevermind. Affectiva’s emotion-sensing software watches facial expressions for signs of emotional reactions. The heart rate sensors, on the other hand, pick up indications of physiological reactions. This difference is important because it means that, when played with both Affdex and a heart rate sensor, the end result is something greater than when played with only one technology alone.
  • New Feature: Tobii Eye-Tracking Integration
    Nevermind now supports eye tracking functionality through the very cool Tobii EyeX technology. When played with a Tobii EyeX eye tracking controller, you will be able to access some new features throughout the entire game as well as one or two brand new surprises within each level.
  • Upgrade: New TableSim Music
    The TableSim room is now better than ever with music that will dynamically change depending on which room you end up in. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the TableSim NeuroSpa Room, now is a great time to give it a play and release some stress to the groove of a better-than-ever soundtrack!
  • Upgrade: Performance Optimizations
    We’ve made some more optimizations to help improve performance. If you’re playing on a min-spec machine (or above), you may notice some increased smoothness.
  • Bug Fix: Client #251 “Car Maze”
    Some of our players have found a semi-rare but nasty bug in the Car Maze in which the maze wouldn’t properly reload after leaving it (via a save/quit or taking too much damage and being returned to the “Yard” area). This bug has been fixed and shouldn’t create any more trouble. Many thanks to everyone who helped us get to the bottom of this bug and for everyone’s patience as we sorted it out.