Nevermind Update Posted to Steam (Major Bug Fix)

An update to Nevermind has been posted to Steam. This update patches a  major bug in Nevermind.

Full Build Notes can always be read on our Support Page under Build Notes. Key improvements included in this build are:

  • Major Bug Fix: Heart Rate Companion App Not Quitting Reliably and Logging Additional Hours Played
    Per our announcement last week, shortly after launch we discovered a bug in which the Heart Rate Companion App (a necessary component of Nevermind’s biofeedback capabilities that launches alongside the game) wouldn’t consistently close when the game quit and – as a result – would inadvertently log hours played in the background. We are so sorry for not having caught this earlier and have spent the days since focusing on finding a suitable fix and testing the build to ensure it’s in good shape for this update.Although we have tested the build extensively already, in our efforts to make this critical bug fix available as soon as possible, it’s possible that there may be some outstanding bugs that will still need to be addressed. If any new issues are discovered, we will be sure to push a follow-up patch in the immediate future to resolve any subsequent issues.
  • Bug Fixes: Controller Input
    You can now freely switch between mouse/keyboard and controller input while playing the game. Additionally, Nevermind supports left-handed mouse configurations.