Nevermind Launch Updates!

We’re excited to announce that the full version of Nevermind will be launching on Steam later this month! More details will be announced in the coming weeks.


Nevermind will continue to fully support Win 8.1 and we’re currently working on bringing Nevermind to Win 10. This version will be available at some point after the launch this month. Nevermind is currently unofficially supported on Win 7. This means that it generally should work just fine on Win 7, but some players may experience a few platform-specific bugs.

Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Nevermind will be released at a later date. Development is coming along nicely on it, but we feel it needs some more time to meet our high quality bar and, as such, will not be available alongside the Mac/Win launch later this month. We’ll be announcing an updated estimated Xbox One release date in the coming months.

Oculus Rift – Waiting Until Everyone Can Play!

The Oculus Rift version of Nevermind will be available when the Oculus Rift itself will be available to everyone (which will be Q1 of 2016). We’ll be using the extra time to continue the development and optimization of the Rift version on Nevermind to ensure it’s the best experience it can be in virtual reality.

Additional Sensors – This is Only the Beginning!

We will not be slowing down our R&D efforts to expand our list of supported sensors post-launch. We currently are, and will continue to remain, as dedicated as ever to our goal of trying to support as many heart rate sensors out there as possible.

New Content

Our vision for Nevermind is to continue to create new levels and content after launch and release those new levels on something akin to an episodic basis. Much will, of course, depend on how launch does, but all of the amazing support and feedback we’ve received throughout Early Access has us feeling pretty optimistic.